Download This Album For Free, 2020
The Rich Are The Problem!! The Rich, This Is It! Maybe, Problem, Without, NOW!!! Problem!, 2016


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„Download This Album For Free“ should appear on platforms such as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music, because as a critique it would only make sense within the frame of these big evil platforms. Spotify is known to distribute music to very many people and leaving very little revenue for the ones creating this music - and by now also as an investor in AI defense tech. Despite the fact that the album was already pressed and printed, these platforms did not accept the album title, because "it indicates a price". So it had to be renamed as „You Can’t Download This Album For Free Here“. The music video for Professional Blues contains the communication with the distributor CD Baby, arguing about the title and cover design of the album.

The release of the album was accompanied by a social media campaign comprised of short videos of the recording process, Slowly Going Mad, as well as another video clip for Pile Up Guilt. The album was released on the 28th of August 2020, in front of Kunsthalle Bern and Kunsthal Gent simultaneously.

Vinyl and digital, 38 min
Released August 28, 2020

Songs and Lyrics: Roger F.
Arrangements: Roger F. and Andrej Marffy
Additional Arrangements: Rea Dubach and Kasper De Sutter
Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Percussion, Bandura: Roger F.
Drums, Bass, Ukulele, Flute, Vocals: Andrej Marffy
Bass: Florian Keller
Vocals, Snaps: Milena Keller
Marimba, Vocals, Percussion: Rea Dubach
Vocals: Zoi Moutsokou

Recorded by Lee Schornoz at Caliber Club 2.0 and by Andrej Marffy and Roger F. in Bern
Produced by Roger F.
Mixed by Kasper De Sutter
Mastered by Frederik Tack

The Rich Are The Problem!! The Rich, This Is It! Maybe, Problem, Without, NOW!!! Problem!

It is on Spotify. If you have an account there, please delete it.

Vinyl and digital, 22 min
Released June 11, 2016

All songs written by Roger F.
Produced by Stefan Schischkanov

Vocals & Guitars: Roger F.
Drums: Pit Lee Hertig
Bass: Sam Brookes
Backing vocals: Christine Hasler
Additional instruments and percussion: Stefan Schischkanov

Recorded and mixed by Stefan Schischkanov
Additional mixing: Sam Gfeller
Mastered at Centraldubs, Bern

Choir: Christine Hasler, Milena Krstic, Tanja Schwarz, Giorgia Piffaretti, Miko Hucko, Anne-Sophie Raemy, Ernestyna Orlowska, Pit Lee Hertig, Stibe, Sam Brookes, Stefan Schischkanov

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