"Capital" was a new beginning.
I didn't make music in this period, but there was a guitar in the attic where we had our room.
Tanja lit a cigarette.
There was something in the air, more than just smoke.
I sat up on the mattress and started the Zoom.
The song just bursted out of me.
Later I changed only one thing: We had no more muesli left, but the word coffee seemed more imperialistic.
At that time we were editing a movie called "I will not imagine the suffering of others".
The song did not find its way into it, but I used that very record in "Art Is Dead".

- Roger F.


There is no more coffee left
you have to go and buy some
to buy coffee you need money
money is bad because it's everywhere

Everything is full of capital
everything is full of shit
everything is full of smoke and noise and my voice
smoke and noise and my voice

She lights a cigarette
in the room where we could drink coffee
now she's going to the internet
that's the first thing you do in the morning

Outside men are building houses
that makes a lot of noise
inside she's smoking a cirgarette
and i'm making music yeah


This picture would almost have been the cover for "The Rich Are The Problem (...)":



This is a cover by Booze Mammoth: