Darling I'm glad that we ate something
Before we went to bed
Not only to protect myself
From a huge hangover

But also to get something in my tummy
So that the love in there
Wouldn't be on its own
Creating a vacuum and implode

And I know that I sound
Like a stupid singer-songwriter this time
I can't be serious about using those words
Like love and speechless
But I am speechless over you

And you, you're a ghost
Moving through this song
You're a fiction, you're a lie
And I can't help myself
But trying to invent you
And say:

Why can't there be uncertainty in love
You know why is there only uncertainty in words
It's time to mix things up, they say
And I want to believe them

But then again, they come from me
And not from you
No not from you
Not from you
They don't come from you

So then let's have another
Long island ice tea
With two straws this time
Then our money's gone
And I didn't feel so small and useless
In quite an amount of time
And you just keep on smiling
That's so fucking wonderful

And I do the same
Yes I do the same
And I don't find myself
Feeling quite as comfortable
As I supposed to feel