26.04.24 (BE) Brussels, Un Peu, Roger F. concert
10.05.24 (BE) Gent, Kunsthal, Launch KEROZINE, Roger F. concert
23.05.24 (CH) Basel, Wurm, Murmur, Roger and the Pacemaker, concert


16.03.24 (CH) Bern, Ka-We-De, Wellenbad der Gefühle, with Seijiro Murayama, concert
15.03.24 (CH) KKThun, From Worms to Ikats, with Seijiro Murayama, fashion show and concert
18. - 24.02.24 (BE) Brussels, Meyboom, The Center of Negativity, residency
07.01.24 (BE) Bruxelles, newpolyphonies, Test Gig with Seijiro Murayama

22.10.23 (BE) Laken, Waterkerskwekerij, What does watercress dream about?, Performance with Christina Stadlbauer and Pierre Rubio
20.10.23 (BE) Bruxelles, Zonneklopper, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds play Bob Dylan, Concert
01.10.23 (BE) Bruxelles, Atelier Mommen, Reposter Collective, Concert
01.10.23 (BE) Antwerp, Albertpark, A Sustainable Dialogue #1, Concert, Art Labor Demos
09.09.23 (BE) Bruxelles, La Vieille Chéchette, Launch Kin Arts Almanac, Musical Reading
02.09.23 (BE) Brussegem, Forest Gathering 2923, Concert, Roger F.
27.08.23 (BE) Bruxelles, Saint-Gilles, Plateau 2023, Workshop, Punk for Kids
26.08.23 (BE) Bruxelles, Saint-Gilles, Plateau 2023, Concert, Roger F.
19.08.23 (CH) Bern, Schütz Sommerbühne, Concert, Roger F. & The Structure
09.07.23 (BE) Bruxelles, Try Out Concert with Scharmann and Vanneste
08.07.23 (BE) Bruxelles, Atelier Mommen, Jambes Jamboree
05.07.23 (BE) Bruxelles, Brasserie Illegaal, Divagation, Concert, Roger F.
02.06.23 (BE) Bruxelles, La Chambre de l'Art et de la Culture, Concert with Seijiro Murayama
24.05.23 (BE) Bruxelles, Gevaert Editions, Video Installation
29.04.23 (BE) Bruxelles, Cifas, Presentation School of Love
21.04.23 (BE) Bruxelles, POELP, Concert, Roger F.
31.03.23 (BE) Gent, Kunsthal, Deep Hanging Out, School Of Love
18.03.23 (BE) Kortrijk, Buda, Lecture Performance, Am I Evil?
02.03.23 (BE) Kortrijk, Antigone, Workshop, A Fair New Idea
20.01.23 (BE) Bruges, Musea Brugge, Lecture Performance, Am I Evil?
14.01.23 (BE) Bruxelles, Médiathèque NGHE, Concert, Roger F.
09.01.23 (CH) Bern, Reflexionsabend, The Center of Negativity
07.12.22 - 11.01.23 (CH) Langenthal, CRMI, Exhibition, Lost Darlings

22.12.22 (BE) Bruxelles, De Markten, Musical Intervention, The School of two-sided Integration
18.12.22 (BE) Antwerpen, Monty, State of the Arts, Samenspraak 2
14.12.22 (BE) Bruxelles, Meyboom, Concert, Roger F.
08.12.22 (BE) Brussels, Hectolitre, Deep Hanging Out, School of Love
05.12.22 (BE) Bruxelles, radical_house, Presentation, The Center of Negativity
01.12.22 (BE) Ghent, KASK, Presentation, The Center of Negativity
05.11.22 (BE) Bruxelles, Avenue des Villas, Concert, Roger F.
16.10.22 (NL) Rotterdam, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Concert, Roger F.
13.10.22 (BE) Brussels, Prima Studio, Deep Hanging Out, School of Love
21.09.22 (CH) Biel, Espace Libre, Talk and Concert, Roger F.
17.09.22 (DE) Hamburg, Authren Congress, Group Session, The Center of Negativity
26.08.22 (CH) Bern, Lehrerzimmer, Concert, Roger F. & The Structure
10.07.22 (BE) Gent, Sylvester, Concert, Roger F.
18.06.22 (BE) Antwerpen, Monty, State of the Arts, Samenspraak 1
09.06.22 (BE) Brussels, Deep Hanging Out, School of Love
20.05.22 (BE) Kortrijk, Buda, Lecture Performance, Am I Evil?
05.05.22 - 15.05.22 (CH) Bern, Theaterfestival Auawirleben, The Center of Negativity
07.05.22 (CH) Bern, Auawirleben, Concert, Roger F. & The Structure
01.04.22 (BE) Brussels, Beursschouwburg, Presentation, Streetquest 1000
12.06.21 - 29.01.22 (CH) Langenthal, CRMI, Die heimlichen Freuden der Katze im Sack, Exhibition

05.11.21 (CH) Solothurn, Fever, Concert, Roger F.
16.10.21 (CH) Langenthal, CRMI, The Center of Negativity
25.09.21 (BE) Brussels, Hectolitre, Performance, A Haunted House
28.08.21 (BE) Ekkergem, parkje voor politie, Concert, Roger F.
11.07.21 (BE) Brussegem, Concert, Roger F.
01.07.21 - 04.07.21 (BE) Ghent, Graduation Show, The Center of Negativity
05.06.21 (BE) Brussels, radical_house, Codisco, The Center of Negativity
01.05.21 (CH) Langenthal, CRMI, Concert, Roger F. & The Structure
29.04.21 (CH) Bern, Dach Schulwarte, Connected Space Offenes Feld, Concert, Roger F. & The Structure
20.01.21 (BE) Gent, Truck Stop, Concert, Roger F.

23.-24.10.20 (CH) Basel, Markthalle, Clair-Obscur Film Festival, Screening, Slowly Going Mad
23.10.20 (CH) Bern, Zoobar, Concert, Roger F. & The Structure & REA
19.09.20 (BE) Gent, Concert, Roger F.
28.08.20 (BE) Gent, Kunsthal, Release "Download This Album For Free"
01.08.20 (BE) Gent, Kunsthal, Talk and Concert, Tranen van de kunstmarkt
24.06.20 (BE) Gent, This Play, Concert, The Broken Heart Band
11.02.20 (BE) Hasselt, The School, Concert, Duet; Duel
25.01.20 (CH) Olten, Schützi, Performance, Cherry On The Top