The Rich Are The Problem!! The Rich, This Is It! Maybe, Problem, Without, NOW!!! Problem!

Mini Album, Vinyl and digital, 22 min
Released June 11, 2016

All songs written by Roger F.
Produced by Stefan Schischkanov

Vocals & Guitars: Roger F.
Drums: Pit Lee Hertig
Bass: Sam Brookes
Backing vocals: Christine Hasler
Additional instruments and percussion: Stefan Schischkanov

Recorded and mixed by Stefan Schischkanov
Additional mixing: Sam Gfeller
Mastered at Centraldubs, Bern

Choir: Christine Hasler, Milena Krstic, Tanja Schwarz, Giorgia Piffaretti, Miko Hucko, Anne-Sophie Raemy, Ernestyna Orlowska, Pit Lee Hertig, Stibe, Sam Brookes, Stefan Schischkanov