Roger F.'s first concert was in February 2014.
He initiated a karaoke party.
He came a long way and he will go on.

This is a list of songs by Roger F.

  1. A Little Disappointing
  2. Art Market
  3. Black Hole
  4. Bob Dylan
  5. Celine Dion (Ain‘t Got No Humor)
  6. Dear Director
  7. Everything Is Full Of Capital
  8. Fire
  9. Freedom
  10. Further Thinking
  11. Hurt Nobody
  12. I’m Glad
  13. Long Island Ice Tea
  14. Normal
  15. Preach Madness
  16. Professional Blues
  17. Profile Picture
  18. Relationship Blues
  19. Selbstoptimierung
  20. Small Mind
  21. Surrender March
  22. Sweet Pain
  23. The Cucumber Song
  24. The Real Thing
  25. Was sollen wir nur tun?
  26. Where Is My Time?
  27. White Men With Guitars
  28. 2016 Baby

On the 18th of September 2014, Mr. Schischkanov attended a concert of Roger F. at the Playground Lounge.
He was brought in by a musician called Lia Sells Fish.
He immediately offered to produce a record, but did not think that Roger F. would really get back to him.
They spent a year recording and mixing.

This is Roger F.'s first album

It was released on the 11th of June 2016 on vinyl and digital
They baptized it with beer.
You can hear some great musicians playing on the album.
Most notable Pit Lee Hertig (dr), Sam Brookes (b), Christine Hasler (voc and perc) and Samuel Gfeller (additional mixing).
For all credits, you can download a pdf of the album's artwork.

In the video clip for Everything Is Full Of Capital you can see two men in white overalls.
One of them is Mr. Schischkanov.
Later Booze Mammoth covered the song.

Recording made the music a lot more serious.
It was time for some punching power to enter the frame.

This is Roger F.'s drummer, A. Marffy

A. Marffy

Here is a photo of them playing together.