I’m a multi-disciplinary artist and musician born in 1982 in a Swiss working-class milieu. My work explores the interplay between socio-political realities and feeling bad, and how narratives shape everyday life.

As Roger F. & The Structure, I write and perform self-doubting, often paradoxical protest songs, that aim to foster critical reflection. I am also the founder of The Center of Negativity, a relational space for conversations about difficult emotions. This project emerged from my research on the parallels between artistic practices and emotional work.

I often collaborate. Most recently, I improvise musically as Roger and the Pacemaker with percussionist and vocalist Seijiro Murayama. I have a multi-disciplinary work relationship on ecology and politics with Christina Stadlbauer and Pierre Rubio, which spawns performances and texts. In partnership with Tanja Schwarz, I lead seminars in art schools that delve into the intricate relationship between art and suffering. I am currently also working on a film with Juliette Joffé and School of Love.

My studies include an MA of Visual Arts, Specialisation Autonomous Design, from KASK School of Arts Ghent (BE) and a BA in Fine Arts from Bern University of the Arts (CH).



2018 - 2021 Master of Arts of Fine Arts, Specialisation: Autonomous Design, KASK Gent
2007 - 2010 Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, Bern University of the Arts
2004 - 2005 Vocational School option Arts, Olten
2003 - 2004 Preliminary Course in Arts and Design, Aarau
1998 - 2001 Commercial Apprenticeship, Olten

Awards and Grants

2022 Research Grant, City of Bern
2018 Travel Grant, City of Bern
2015 Employee of the Month, Indigo Kids Club, Bern
2014 4-year Studio Grant at PROGR Bern, City of Bern
2012 Award for Film, Board of Trustees, Cultural Promotion, Canton of Solothurn

Workshop Facilitation

2023 Am I Evil? - Erotic Writing, w. Simone Basani, Alice Ciresola and Els Moors, Salon Arents, Bruges
2022 Open Design Course, w. School of Love, KASK Ghent
2022 School of Love, Athénée Joseph Bracops, Anderlecht, Cifas Brussels
2022 Am I Evil? - Erotic Writing, w. Simone Basani, Alice Ciresola and Els Moors, Buda Kortrijk
2022 The Art of Feeling Bad, transdisciplinary seminar for MA and BA students, w. Tanja Schwarz, ZHdK, Zürich
2022 Out Of Order Contemplations, w. Laura Oriol and Joan Somers Donnelly, Kdg, St. Lucas Antwerpen
2021 Open Design Course/INFRA, w. School of Love, Vooruit Gent
2021 School of Love, Broederschool Sint-Niklaas, Vooruit Gent
2021 Out Of Order Contemplations, on Art Education, KASK Gent
2021 Hello Darkness my Old Friend, transdisciplinary seminar (Y-Toolbox) for BA and MA students, w. Tanja Schwarz, HKB Bern
2021 Out Of Order Contemplations State of the Arts, online
2021 School of Love T’vier / Buda Kortrijk


2020 Roger F. & The Structure - Download This Album For Free, Vinyl
2019 Dossier No. 2 - Magazine
2016 Roger F. - The Rich Are The Problem (...), Vinyl
2011 Das Körnchen das du aufgepickt hast tickt wie eine Zeitbombe in deinem Bauch - DVD
2010 Blätterkörper - Magazine
2009 Du Sau du - CD


2021 radical_house, Brussels BE
2021 Vooruit, Gent BE
2021 Buda, Kortrijk BE
2021 C-Takt, Neerpelt BE
2021 Buda, Kortijk BE
2020 radical_house, Brussels BE
2019 Land in Sicht, Ottobeuren DE
2018 Greveniti GR


The Center of Negativity

2022 Authren Kongress, Hamburg DE
2022 auawirleben, Bern CH
2021 CRMI, Langenthal CH
2021 Graduation Show, KASK Gent BE
2021 Codisco, radical_house, Brussels BE


2023 Am I Evil, Salon Arents Bruges
2022 Am I Evil, Buda Kortrijk
2021 Hectolitre a Haunted House, Brussels
2020 Tranen van de kunstmarkt, Kunsthal Gent
2020 The Broken Heart Band, This Play Gent
2020 Duet; Duel, The School Hasselt
2020 Cherry On The Top, Schützi Olten
2019 Make It Dumber, Match The Dump! Coq d’Or Olten
2019 Mayday Mayday, Campo Gent
2018 Love More, De Zaal Gent
2016 Leaving Langenthal, Chräämerhuus Langenthal
2015 Auction, Open Eyes Balkanroute, Progr Bern
2015 BONE Performance Festival, Schlachthaustheater Bern
2015 KKThun
2015 Kasernenwiese Zürich
2015 R.C.s., Marks Blond Talks, Public Space Zürich
2014 Auction, Sattelkammer Bern
2014 Hippies, Zürich
2014 Blues gegen Ecopop, bicycle trip from Solothurn to Bern with Guitar
2014 Horror Show, Progr Bern
2014 The Boiled Eggs, Coq d’Or Olten
2014 The Occupation of the Museum of Art Olten, Kunstmuseum Olten
2013 Was sollen wir nur tun?, Public space Bern
2013 Johnny Cash Night, Coq d’Or Olten
2013 Fish House Noodles, Coq d’Or Olten
2011 La grande Kunstauktion, Coq d’Or Olten
2008 The Witness is you, Progr Bern


2021 Die heimlichen Freuden der Katze im Sack, CRMI Langenthal
2019 Lucht Kast Stelen, Hasselt BE
2017 Argument Place, Stadtgalerie Bernbr> 2017 Ikonen2, Heiliggeistkirche Bern
2016 Aeschlimann Corti-Stipendium, Centre PasquArt Biel
2014 Grosse Regionale, Kunstzeughaus Rapperswil
2014 Biennale Bern, KunstAllmend, Dampfzentrale Bern
2013 Jahresausstellung, Kanton Solothurn, Kunstmuseum Olten
2013 Cantonale Berne Jura, Centre PasquArt Biel
2013 Phantom Fundamental, Kunsthaus Langenthal
2012 Fuck the Pain away, Coq d’Or Olten
2012 Ostrale 012, Dresden (DE)
2012 Palazzo Wyler (Raum No 5), Bern
2011 Jahresausstellung der Solothurner Künstlerinnen und Künstler, Kunstmuseum Olten
2011 Das Körnchen das du aufgepickt hast, tickt wie eine Zeitbombe in deinem Bauch, Coq d’Or Olten
2010 Mit Absichten, Kunsthaus Langenthal
2009 Weltenbilder, Haus der Religionen Bern
2009 Etagen, LOEB Schaufenster Bern
2009 Praxis Papiersaal, Zürich
2009 Metamorphose, Evilard
2008 Fête KultuRel, Haus der Religionen Bern
2008 Fenstersprung, Progr Bern
2007 Alte Kirche, Härkingen
2006 Vario Bar, Olten


2024 Launch KEROZINE, Kunsthal Gent
2020 Clair-Obscur Filmfestival, Basel
2019 Open Atelier, Gent
2017 Video–Σ, Neues Kino, Basel
2017 Lehrerzimmer Bern
2016 Mad Scientist Festival, Naturhistorisches Museum Bern
2015 Art Is Dead, Kulturesk Bern
2014 Kino Kunstmuseum Bern
2014 Lisabird Contemporary, Wien (AT)
2014 Nachbilder, Kino Kunstmuseum Bern
2013 WORMS Pavillon, Stadtgalerie Bern
2012 Clair-Obscur Filmfestival, Basel
2012 yfff, youcinema fantastic film festival, Oftringen
2011 golbus:besetzt, Spontanfestival zur globalen Revolution, Zürich
2011 Cinderella, Kunst im Mühlehof, Niedergösgen
2011 CAFÉ DES RÉVES, Helmhaus Zürich