Roger and the Pacemaker

Punk Impro Duo

Seijiro Murayama and Roger Fähndrich improvise with voice, percussion and electric guitar, partially using pre-written lyrics. Our sound research is site-specific. We improvise in all kinds of spaces and situations, recently for example in a fashion show. Therefore, when we play we don’t speak of concerts but of test gigs.

Technical rider

23.05.24 ✁ Konzertreihe Murmur, wurm Basel
16.03.24 ✁ Wellenbad der Gefühle, Ka-We-De Bern
15.03.24 ✁ From Worms to Ikats, KKThun
07.01.24 ✁ newpolyphonies Bruxelles

Test Gig One

Test Gig Two

Photography: 1) Elien Ronse 2) Aliza Rand

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